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JMI Pump Systems Establishes a Service Group for Contractor 24/7 Assistance

JMI Services LLC, a division of JMI Pump Systems, offers 24/7 support and service to contractors - whether in an emergency, onsite training, or installation help when the contractor’s own installers are not available.

“We’ve always been known for our product knowledge, pump system design assistance, and help with installations and troubleshooting,” said Mike Blum, owner of JMI Pump Systems. “This service group is taking it to the next level. Our skilled field service technicians are available 24/7 to call for troubleshooting help, and onsite assistance any day of the week.”

Calls for service that come in after regular business hours are mostly fielded by Mike himself, who then gets his service team fully involved when required and/or requested. “We can offer remote troubleshooting to help you rule out many of the more common pump problems. If we can’t help you fix it over the phone, we will promptly get you in touch with one of our technical team members, and if required, dispatch our service team with a fully stocked truck for pump system diagnostic and repair.”

The service truck is equipped with pumps (sump, effluent, sewage, grinders, etc.) valves, pipe, fittings, controls, and testing/diagnostic equipment. Also on board is a pressure washer for cleaning pits, pumps, and switches; and a tripod when needed to assist in a larger pump removal/install. “We can provide assistance in servicing everything from simple sump pump and battery backup installations through small lift stations,” he said.

Mike provided an example of this value-added service in new grinder applications. “We’ll deliver a basin and temporary cover to the contractor who will install at rough-in. When the contractor is ready for the pump, permanent cover, panel, and assorted components (“the guts”), we’ll cover that part of the installation. The electrician and plumber complete it by making the final connections and testing the system. It’s critical to note this teamwork provides the highest quality installation and provides labor savings to our ‘Partners in Pumping’” he said.

“Through JMI Services LLC, we are providing value-added service to our plumbing and mechanical contractor customers, which further differentiates us from the pump in a box supply house or big box store. We want the plumbers to know we are of service to them and will help them with any pump system – even if it was purchased from someone other than its parent company - JMI Pump Systems.”

He emphasized that JMI Service’s customer is the contractor and not the end user. “We are onsite on behalf of our customer – the professional contractor. We do not solicit business directly to end users. We bill the contractor; the contractor bills their customer. Again - we are there on behalf of the contractor; not there to compete with them.”

Mike notes most service calls are scheduled to take place during the work week (M-F, 7 a.m. -4 p.m.), but after hours and weekend assistance is available in an emergency. “If our customer needs us – No Problem!” he said.

For more information on JMI Services LLC, contact Mike Blum at 262-253-1353 or mike@jmipumps.com.

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