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Product & Jobsite Showcase

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Sheboygan Inline SpecPAK Apartment Complex Installation

In a new Sheboygan apartment complex, JMI helped with a recent startup of a Triplex SpecPAK booster systems from Franklin Electric. This system can provide up to 120 GPM, with an additional 60psi of water pressure!



Grinder Pump Installation

This photo depicts how we assisted a professional contractor in rehabbing a 12’ deep grinder system at a lake home in Wisconsin.



Wisconsin Cheese Plant Pump Installation

We completed an installation of Pioneer pumps from Franklin Electric at a Wisconsin cheese plant. This particular project required three 30 HP Pioneer GT 6 pumps that pump 800 GPM at 75’ TDH.

On Time Fiberglass Basin Delivery

JMI delivered quality TOPP fiberglass basins to a jobsite in northeast Illinois.



JMI SpecPAK Booster Installation

JMI provided this SpecPAK Booster that was installed in an apartment complex. The new pump system boosted city pressure of 45 psi to a constant 70 psi.



Chopper Pump Ready for Delivery

Two more Deming Chopper Pumps from Crane Pumps and Systems prepared to solve another “difficult” waste stream. These pumps were installed at a multipurpose facility in southeastern Wisconsin.


Booster Pumps Ready for Delivery

A large commercial contractor called JMI Pump Systems needing six booster pumps quickly. Our response – “No Problem.” A late determination of increased water hardness caused a dramatic decrease in water pressure due to the required addition of water softeners. Using the Franklin Electric SpecPAK system, enhanced by JMI to meet specific customer and application requirements, the units provide the constant pressure needed to satisfy all six buildings.



Duplex Pump Cover

JMI Pump Systems manufactured this duplex pump cover, which was installed in northeast Wisconsin on a Duplex Commercial Wastewater System.



Metal Cover

Here’s a before and after of a new metal cover installation for a Muskego homeowner.

Custom Basin Covers

Take a look at some of the custom basin covers we have fashioned for a few special projects...

Pick'n Save, South Milwaukee, WI

Pre-Fabricated Lift Station with 4" Pumps. Pre-Fabricated saves you time and money.

Wheaton 121, Wheaton, IL

30" x 132" Triple Garage Basin Set

Island Deliveries

Building on an island? Island deliveries are No Problem!


Northbrook Senior Living Center

Check out this before and after transformation that recently took place at a senior living center in Northbrook, Illinois. The before photo depicts the original basin cover, while the after photo illustrates a brand new JMI non-corrosive PVC cover that was installed at the facility to replace the original.

Need a new basin cover quick? Simply send a picture with the tape measure across the middle of the cover, along with a contact name and number, and we will call you back with a quote. We commit to having one ready for pick up or delivery in less than two hours!



Norwesco Tank Delivery

We recently dropped off a nice “little” 15,000-gallon Norwesco tank to store production water at a Central Wisconsin industrial facility.

Apartment Complex Valve Box

Here’s a valve box featuring elbow ball check valves from EkoWodrol, part of another fantastic prefab from TOPP Industries, Inc.. This will be followed up with a duplex Deming chopper pump system designed by JMI to manage a complicated wastewater stream for installation at a future 54-unit apartment complex in Madison, WI. What detail!


Did you know JMI could do this?

We recently confirmed the engineer's design and sourced the Muffin Monster from JWC Environmental for a replacement of an old Sewer Chewer that failed at a large southeastern Wisconsin hospital.



Wisconsin Municipal Treatment Plant Clean Water Booster Pumps

After making a presentation to a Wisconsin-based national engineering firm, JMI Pump Systems submitted a bid to provide clean water booster pumps to a southern Wisconsin municipal wastewater treatment plant. Upon acceptance of the bid by the engineering firm, JMI and Poseidon Pak designed and constructed simplex, duplex, and triplex pump systems. The booster pumps will service multiple areas of the facility, meeting the client’s specifications and the plants application requirements.

Handmade Pump Cover

Check out the very first JMI designed and produced C48DSATD. Featuring the largest possible tear drop access covers pitched in at 6.04 degrees, the product is designed to be made on a CNC machine, but this one was made by hand.


12’ Deep Basin

Need a TOPP Industries, Inc. basin over 12’ deep? Yes, we’ve got it. Keep in mind – you might want to grab an extra shovel.



Snow Making Booster Pump

This booster pump package from JMI Pump Systems is destined to help make snow!