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Dual Pump, AC & Battery Back-up System, Model PION-35ACI-DLX

Package Includes: (2) 1/3HP, EnergyPro Pumps, (1) Ion Genesis Controller & Alarm System, (2) Ion Digital Level Control Switches, (1) Ion 35ACI AC/DC Inverter and (1) AGM, Maintenance Free Batteries
Manufacturer: Metropolitan Pump


(2) PZM-EP-33M; 1/3HP, AC Pumps

(1) SION-GENESIS Controller & Alarm System

(2) SION-ION-10; Ion Digital Level Control Switches

(1) PION-INV-35ACI; 4.5 AMP, AC/DC Inverter

(1) AZP-BATTERY-LW; AGM, Maintenance Free Batteries


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