You have a great group of guys over there! You’re doing a great job. Thank you!

Erik, Nashotah

After a request for a service call regarding new booster installations:
“The issue was resolved, with a shout out to JMI for the insanely quick service!!!”

Tyler, Madison, WI

Your new driver Nick found me at my home to ensure the delivery was left in the desired spot. My first impression of Nick was stellar. His attitude and effort to be thorough and of service was noticeable.

I had placed the order on a Thursday morning before regular business hours (6:15 a.m.), with delivery promise of “on or before Monday.” I was very happy when the order was delivered the same day it was placed.

It is this type of service throughout the JMI Pump Systems team that sets the company apart and above the other suppliers I use.

Kevin, Lakemoor, IL

“I sure do appreciate the really good service! Mike did a great job for us!"

David, Oconomowoc

“I just replaced my pedestal sump pumps (I had two in case one failed) with submersible pumps and I noticed a tag on the primary pump. It was from your company with a date of install of October 3, 1980. I believe I may have had it set as the backup for a while but still, 40 years old and still working is impressive. I bought the house in 1988, so the previous owner had installed it or had it installed. I thought you would enjoy this information – great job by your company. The tag did indicate Mequon, and I've noticed you recently moved."

Gary S., Milwaukee

“The new sump pump system is AWESOME! The installer thought it was awesome, too! He said it has a few more features than the system he usually installs. I cannot thank you enough. Peace of mind is so important to things like this. You guys really are the best.”

Patty J., Muskego

“I want to thank you and your staff for getting the crocks to us for our project. I didn’t know we needed to put an injector pit in the basement until I met the septic representative and he said we should do so. Your staff got the crocks to us quickly and we had them installed. We were able to get the job site inspected and approved. That’s why I call you guys for all my pumping needs.”

“You’ve taken over the business and continued to follow the footsteps of your predecessors, which is phenomenal.”

Larry B., Cedarburg, WI

“I know when the days are busy and go by so fast, it seems like all you may deal with are problems, but I want to take a moment to say what a great job your staff does.

They are always attentive and quick to answer any questions and help out. Last week, Mike delivered a crock for us and called to let me know there was water in the basement, and that my guys would need to get the basement pumped before they could start. That was just AWESOME – above and beyond what he had to do. Just a simple phone call, but certainly not part of his job – and so appreciated!

I talk to John, Genny, and Tom on a regular basis and all are so pleasant and helpful. I wanted to let you know your whole crew does a great job.”

Deb M., Waukesha, WI

“We’re very happy with the way your staff put together the order for this week’s job.”

Bill G., Saukville, WI

“I want to personally thank your team for all the help you provide us. The quick response you give to my jobs is beyond words of appreciation. Thank you so much!”

Shawn J., Madison WI

“I’ve been doing work with JMI since 1986. They have the best products on the market and the service behind the product is excellent.

If I put in a product and for whatever reason, I have trouble with a float or any type of electronic part, they are happy to come to the site and solve the problem for me. Their service after the sale is the best in the business as far as I’m concerned.

I dealt with Jim personally for years. Since he’s retired, owner Mike Blum picked things up where Jim left off. I couldn’t be more impressed.”

Bob S., Oak Creek, WI

“Thanks for all the good work that you guys do. It's nice to see that you have kept the values and quality that JMI started.”

Jon S., Hartford, WI

“Thank you for the fast delivery. I didn't expect it to deliver to my house in one day. Please tell the person who dropped it off I apologize for shaking his hand. I was so shocked the pump was here. Thanks again.”

Dan M., Pleasant Prairie, WI

“You guys keep saving my butt. You’ve helped me a lot and I really appreciate it.”

Glen J., Milwaukee, WI

“I would like to thank you for your product and service! As you know, my husband and I have had bad luck since building our new home with flooding in our basement. After our third sump pump backs up in our home, we finally took the leap to have your product installed in our home. We feel like it is an extension of our home security system as we finally have a sense of relief knowing we don’t have to close our eyes every time we go in our basement. We have hope and a vision that we may be able to finish our basement someday and our work won’t be ruined by a sump pump malfunction. Thank you for providing us with a great product and service!”

Alysha F., Winneconne WI