SJE Rhombus 120 Volt Pump Switch, Model SSJ-15DFMMD1WP

Double Float Master Tethered Switch, (Seperate On/Off Floats), 120 Volt, 15' Cord, Piggy-back Plug, Pipe Clamp Mount
Manufacturer: SJE Rhombus


  • Provides automatic operation of pumps up to 15 amps
  • Mechanical (Non Mercury)
  • Double Float = Longer cycle with minimal tether legnth and therefore a very reliable cycle
  • Ideal for turbulent and narrow applications or when longer pump cycles are deisred
  • 15' Cord
  • 120 Volt
  • Piggy-back plug
  • Stainless steel pipe mounting clamp
  • For pump down applications only
  • Pumping range from 3" to 48"
  • UL Recognized; CSA Certified
  • 3 year limited warranty


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