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Effluent/Sump Pump Model PION-WC33i, 1/3 HP Automatic

120 Volt, 1-1/2" Discharge, 1/2" Solid Handling, 10' Cord,w/ Piggy-back Digital Level Control Switch (Pump Mounted)
Manufacturer: Metropolitan Pump


  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seal
  • Oil-filled hig efficiency PSC motor that uses half the AC power of most 1/3 HP pumps
  • 43 gpm @ 10' TDH
  • Piggy-back Ion digital level control switch designed to operate for over 2 million cycles
  • Size allows for 2 pumps in an 18" basin
  • Effluent rated: passes a limited amount of 1/2" solids
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty



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