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Plugger Boxes for Pumping Installations

Plugger boxes provide convenience to connect all wiring required for a typical pumping station installation.

JMI Pump Systems offers pluggers from Alderon Industries and SJE Rhombus, which offer ease of installation and many safeguards.

The mini power post from Alderon is designed for electrical code compliance and is rated for outdoor use. It features easy and safe access to the pump and pump switch inside the vented post. All electrical wiring is in a UL listed 4X enclosure, which prevents harmful septic gases and moisture from affecting electrical wiring. Plus, the wiring box is high-impact PVC.

Options include an indoor remote alarm and indoor light; a junction for alarm float to connect to remote alarm; and riser connection kit with conduit nipples and fittings.

The post is 2.5 feet tall.

The JB Plugger also is an easy to install junction box with convenient wiring connections for use with one single phase pump in effluent and sewage chambers.

This junction box provides a convenient location to connect all wiring required for a typical pumping station installation. The junction box employs a receptacle to accept a 120VAC or 230VAC piggy-back plug and a pump plug. It also features an easy to use terminal strip which can be used for connecting an alarm system in the junction box.

The JB Plugger package ensures a liquid-tight seal and strain relief for the cable entering the junction box from the pumping station.

Features include a NEMA 4x enclosure with hinged door; separate alarm and pump control circuit; riser extension coupling and washers, customer engineered liquid tight cable seal; and strain relief for pump and float cords provided by cord seal.

Options include an alarm system for a high- or low-level alarm, pump switch for pump control, and control switch for alarm activation.

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