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Sump Basins and Covers

An integral part of a sump pump installation is the basin and cover. Basins can be constructed of polyethylene, structural foam, or fiberglass. Each material has positive qualities – what you choose should be best for the application and sometimes a price point.

  • Polyethylene basins are leak resistant and durable as they are molded, one-piece construction without seams.
  • Structural foam is lightweight and mild flexibility, while also maintaining very good strength.
  • Fiberglass basins are watertight as well, durable (corrosion and abrasion resistant), and have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of them all.

JMI’s most popular basin option is the Evolution E-Series Basin from TOPP Industries – a maximum durability structural foam basin that won’t crack or dent. The E-Series features self-tapping lags for cover attachments, dual raised flat pockets for a tight inlet seal, and is gas tight for sewage and radon mitigation applications.

In many cases, the size of the basin for a particular pump is recommended by the pump manufacturer. This is referred to in the owner's manual and this size is usually the minimum. The size and type of basin can also be specified by a plumbing designer or engineer when a building or home is being designed based on the local and/or state plumbing code requirements. Or you can just ask us!

Standard basin diameter sizes are 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and up to 72”. The depths JMI stocks range from 24” to 120” in 12” increments. Exact measurement requirements can be ordered with a limited lead time. We also have extensions of various widths and depth for the last-minute adaptations to applications.

Our top seller for commercial water transfer applications is the BIG-EASY Packaged System that includes one 36” x 48” Fiberglass Basin with a solid bottom, one Cast Iron Frame and Grate (or Lid), and one 4-inch Inlet Seal. The cast iron frame has a minimum 24” clear access, which conforms to the State of Wisconsin Uniform Plumbing code SPS 382.34. The 4” rise on the cast iron frame makes it easier to maintain the maximum 12” invert dimension, which is measured from the top of the grate (lid) to the bottom of the outlet. Weighing 118 pounds, it is easy to handle, plus the BIG-EASY can be installed without the use of large equipment.

When it comes to sump, effluent, and sewage applications, an equally important component is the cover. You need the strength, but also require adaptability to specific applications. JMI offers an assortment of basin covers with material options including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, clear acrylic, structural foam, and fiberglass.

The covers in sanitary sump systems are usually sealed and vented per code. Drainage or stormwater sumps may just have a simple slotted or split cover, however many are sealed and vented because of radon and safety concerns. Matching covers are available to fit the specified basin’s diameter and made to cover both simplex and duplex pump systems.

If you come across a broken or rusted cover, consider a JMI custom PVC cover. We will make it exactly to your specification, and fast. Simply send us a photo with tape measure across the middle of the cover you want to replace. Provide the specifics required regarding the size of discharge and vent, and desire for any of the following: bolt holes, cord grommet, float access cover, clear viewport, pump access covers, etc. Lastly, get this information to our sales staff early enough in the day and we will have the cover ready to pick up or ship that same day!

Visit our website to see before and after examples of transition from steel to PVC basin covers.

For questions on residential or commercial pump sizing, basins, and covers, Your Partners in Pumping at JMI Pump Systems are ready to help. Contact us at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com.