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Power Posts & Plugger Boxes for Septic Systems

Power posts and plugger boxes provide convenience to connect all wiring required for a typical pumping station installation. JMI Pump Systems offers products from Alderon Industries and SJE Rhombus, which provide ease of installation and many safeguards.

Alderon’s Mini Power Post™ and Power Post™ monitoring system pump connection centers are used to make a professional and safe connection for power and float switch wiring to an on-site septic system.

Each Power Post™ model comes with a 42.5-inch post to install in the ground with the vented post cap, cable grips, and junction box all pre-installed to the post, which eliminates a 4" x 4" wood post and the exposed wires for a safe, clean, and quick installation.

Available in 120VAC or 240VAC models. The Power Post™ monitoring system has an integrated outdoor alarm equipped with LED indicators (various colors), buzzer, and test/silence pushbutton. The top of the enclosure changes color along with system function displayed text on the OLED screen for easy troubleshooting information. Menu keys are provided to program settings and view data such as…

  • pump cycle counts
  • pump amps
  • elapsed time
  • total gallons pumped
  • alarm conditions

The system includes terminals to connect a high level alarm float switch and filter switch. The auxiliary alarms are used for monitoring high liquid level and service of the effluent filter. These systems can be used for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to…

  • septic tanks
  • holding tanks
  • pump chambers
  • water tanks

SJE Rhombus PS Patrol Outdoor Pedestal High Water Alarm System features a built-in high water alarm and provides a convenient location to connect all wiring required for a pumping station installation. The receptacle accepts a 120 VAC pump and piggy-back style pump switch. The angled design of the clear enclosure includes a removable cover for easy access for field wiring. All internal components are sealed within the cover for protection from the elements. The red LED illuminates the cover in an alarm condition for easy 360° visual identification. The design of the controller accepts a 5-inch square plastic post or 4-inch pipe/conduit for mounting.

It also has an automatic alarm reset, green power on indicator, and a flush mount horn silence/alarm test switch. The electrical potting cavity provides an easy, reliable method to seal power cables and a cord seal is included for sealing switch and pump cables. The large incoming power terminal block allows for easy wiring. Auxiliary contacts are included for easy attachment of remote devices. Options include a 32” mounting post, variable switch cord lengths, riser assembly adapter, DUO alarm, and elapsed time meter. The unit is CSA Certified and backed by an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.

The JB Plugger System is an easy to install junction box that provides convenient wiring connection for use with one single phase pump in effluent and sewage chambers. This junction box provides a convenient location to connect all wiring required for a typical pumping station installation. The junction box receptacle accepts 120 VAC or 230 VAC piggy-back plug and a pump plug. The JB Plugger also features an easy-to-use terminal strip which can be used for connecting an alarm system in the junction box. The JB Plugger package ensures a liquid-tight seal and strain relief for the cable entering the junction box from the pumping station.

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