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Advantage Over Your Competition: Private Labeling

Who needs another magnet or sticker to advertise your business when you can private label your quality pump system from JMI Pump Systems.

JMI gives you something other pump suppliers don’t provide – a higher value with a private label on a high quality product. If you want your customers to return to you because they like your service, then make it easier for them to contact you with a private label.

If you are not familiar, private label means the label on the pump cord and/or check valve will change to have your contact information on it. We can easily do that because we have our own printing equipment as well as the labor to do it quickly and efficiently. There is a small one-time set up charge and a minimal product up charge. As you well know, your return on investment on this type of marketing is well worth it for the value of repeat business and service calls from your customers.

For example, if someone has a sump pump failure, the first thing they are likely to do is disconnect the pump. But while they have the plug in their hand, they have a label on it – yours – and that is who they are going to call.

We also have recently added private label to our PVC basin covers to further differentiate your business. We manufacture the covers onsite and to your specifications, often in less than two hours. Plus, our CNC machine can etch your logo on the cover. It’s permanent and extremely difficult for someone to tarnish your exclusive marketing tool.

Your takeaway with private labeling is protecting your brand with a personalized product label that reminds your customers they can depend on you for service and products. It’s not only to your advantage to utilize JMI private labeling, but also an advantage to the end user who has that contact information in front of them.

For more information on private labeling or for any of your pump and pump accessory needs, call 262-253-1353 or email sales@jmipumps.com.