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JMI Offers High Performance with Barnes Chopper Pumps

Chopper pumps are very powerful sewage processing pumps designed to reduce the size of solids in a wastewater stream. As the solids pass through, they are sliced into pieces and the deep vane impeller passes them along.

Sometimes there is confusion on the difference between chopper pumps and grinder pumps. They are both macerating pumps, but choppers can pass solids up to three inches or more. Grinder pumps can only pass fine slurry. Plus, choppers can pump larger ranges of flow than grinders. Even fibrous and stringy materials can be handled by a chopper, macerated to the point they are pumpable.

The premium chopper pump offered by JMI Pump Systems is the Sithe from Barnes. The Sithe can chop solids including mop heads, pantyhose, wood, plastic bottles, metal cans, wipes, Swiffers, and other materials bigger than three inches. It provides reliable operation in applications like hospitals, correctional facilities, retirement communities, RV parks, truck stops, daycare facilities, and the like.

The Sithe chopper features an open center cutter design. Its slicing mechanism reduces solids to prevent downstream clogging and blockages in piping, valves, and head works.

Built for durability with a cast iron volute, cast iron motor house, and cast-iron seal plate, the impeller is made of ductile iron and the field replaceable slicing blade is heat-treated 440C SS. Robust heavy-duty bearing are cooled in an oil bath. The Sithe also features a plug and play “quick connect” cord that simplifies maintenance and an envie3 high-efficiency air-filled motor.

The Barnes envie3 motor platform's ability to continuously run-in air means that its minimum required submergence is significantly lower than the competitions. This allows customers to set floats lower, resulting in more regular turnover of the lift station, less FOG buildup, and less chance for the station going septic.

Envie3 high efficiency air-filled motors come without application limitations. Its patent pending, closed loop glycol cooling system keeps motors stress-free, even in the most demanding applications — suitable for shallow wells, high water tables, and rocky terrain and available in both vertical and horizonal configurations.

Plus, it’s premium efficient IE3 motor delivers significant energy savings versus traditional motor offerings. Designed to run both submerged and dry run, these motors are available with Barnes and Deming chopper and non-clog pumps.

Sithe chopper pumps are available in standard and explosion proof models in 3-, 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-inch discharge sizes ranging from 3 to 150 hp with flows up to 5,000 gpm.

No matter your pumping applications or needs, you can depend on JMI’s expert staff to help choose the right solution for you. For more information, contact us at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com.