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JMI’s Product Selection Can’t Be Beat

Whether it’s new construction or retrofits, the team at JMI Pumps Systems is ready to serve you with the vast line of manufactured products we represent, along with our expertise and experience. We’re known for our pumps, but we also supply prefab lift stations, basins, covers, control panels alarms, and pump accessories from the top names in the business.

We maintain an extensive in-stock inventory and keep abreast of new products from our suppliers. Here are just a few.

TOPP Non-Skid Fiberglass Septic Riser Covers

TOPP offers a Non-Skid, Kelp Green Fiberglass Septic Riser Cover to fit most 24” diameter risers, corrugated and ultra-rib pipe. The cover is non- corrosive, strong, lightweight and can withstand a 2,500-pound wheel load. The built-in cover gasket provides a watertight and gas tight seal. This cover is also cost effective, maintenance free, high impact resistant, and provides exceptional uniformity, dimensional accuracy, and stability. Covers range up to 82 pounds with half-inch thickness. Bolt holes are pre-drilled for quick and easy assembly with stainless steel hardware included.

A Positive Pipe-to-Tank Seal for Flat or Curved Surfaces

TOPP is an original supplier of Uniseal Pipe Seals. Designed for holding tanks, the Uniseal also works well in any application where pipe penetrations are required. Uniseals quickly create a secure watertight seal without any adhesive, hardware, or threads and can be used through the walls of any container or filter box.

Ideal for hydroponic growers, pond suppliers, and reef and marine industries, proven applications include wastewater lift stations, valve boxes, sump risers, pump stations, dispenser pans, junction boxes, cooling systems, and boats.

TOPP Uniseal features include:

  • models available for accommodating 3/8” piping (through 1” hole) up to 6” piping (through 7” hole)
  • easy installation
  • tough, pliable thermoplastic material
  • excellent resistance to most chemical compounds, petroleum products, methanol, ethanol, and most soil compounds.

The seal can be used with PVC, galvanized steel, copper, EMT, rigid conduit, fiberglass, and polyethylene pipe.

Barnes Razor Grinder Pump

Razor grinder pumps are the ideal 2 HP pump for light commercial and residential solids handling applications, including pressure sewer and municipal wastewater. The Razor is thoughtfully designed with an innovative axial cutting technology to efficiently reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers, and other non-biodegradable items commonly found in the modern waste stream.

The Razor features a dual voltage, oil-filled motor with optimal cutting torque performance in low voltage situations. The grinder pump also has heavy duty, oil-lubricated bearings to extend the pump's life and is available with either a dual or single stage impeller. There are multiple configurations available to easily adapt into existing applications. The Razor grinder pump is easy to service and maintain, needing only a single tool to assemble.

High Performance With Barnes Envie3 Motor Platform

The Barnes envie3 motor platform's ability to continuously run in air means that its minimum required submergence is significantly lower than the competitions. This allows customers to set floats lower, resulting in more regular turnover of the lift station, reduced FOG buildup, and less chance for the station going septic.

Envie3 high efficiency air-filled motors come without application limitations. It’s patent pending, closed loop glycol cooling system keeps motors stress-free, even in the most demanding applications. It is suitable for shallow wells, high water tables, and rocky terrain and available in both vertical and horizonal configurations. The envie3 is easy to service with plug & play cord and commercially available mechanical seals and bearing components.

Plus, it’s premium efficient IE3 motor delivers significant energy savings versus traditional motor offerings. Designed to run both submerged and dry run, these motors are available with Barnes and Deming chopper and non-clog pumps.

No matter your pumping applications or needs, you can depend on JMI’s expert staff to help find the right solution for you. For more information, call 800-234-5490 or email sales@jmipumps.com.