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Liquid Level Alarms for Peace of Mind

Even with the most diligent maintenance, a pump can fail. The most common occurrence that prevents a pump from running is a power outage (hello battery backup for sump applications!). However, pumps can fail for other reasons too, including overworked, clog in the pump, pit, or discharge pipe, and even possibly a defective product. The result is flooding that can mount up to tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Chubb’s* Fifth Annual Homeowner’s Risk Report from November/December 2021, 44% of U.S. homeowners experienced water damage in their home in the past two years, compared to only 27% in 2020. Non-weather-related water losses continue to be the number one source of property damage as 48% of all interior property damage is caused by water, according to Chubb's internal claims data.

While we always recommend a battery back-up, it makes sense to have some type of warning method. One such option is liquid level alarms. These detection systems can be sophisticated with sensors and Wi-Fi capabilities. They can sound an audible alarm, light a visual indicator, and send a text message and email.

Some water alarms are equipped with multiple sensors, so not only is the sump pump monitored, but utility room, laundry room, water heater, or any place there is a potential for a leak.

A basic audio/visual alarm will have a float located at a chosen high level in the sump pump basin. When water reaches that level, the float will tip up, sending a signal to the alarm control box, which will activate the light switch and sound the alarm.

The audio/visual alarm is the most basic type of alarm system. We are finding that homeowners and building managers who are looking into an alarm system, prefer one that can monitor multiple locations as well as text, email, or directly dial (auto dial) responsible party or parties.

Besides indoor monitoring of water, there are also alarms that function both indoor and outdoor that provide notification of high/low levels in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural, and other non-potable water applications. There is even an alarm control that can turn off city water or a well if there is a leak or a broken pipe.

Whatever the applications, let the experts at JMI guide you to the one that best suits your needs. We offer systems from SJE Rhombus, Alderon, PHCC Pro Series, Little Giant, and Alpha.

For more information and assistance, contact “Your Partners in Pumping” at 800-234-5490 or sales@jmipumps.com.

*Chubb is a property and casualty insurance company.