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Sump Pump Alarms Are an Essential Add-On

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of battery back up pumps and some helpful accessories, including switches and alarms. In this blog, we will go into more detail about the importance of sump pump alarms as well as the alarms JMI Pump Systems offers.

Having a sump pump alarm is critical to alert end users about high water levels, power outages, and sump pump failure. Like a smoke detector, the alarm emits a high-pitched sound that can be heard throughout the house. Without an alarm, unchecked water invasion can result in costly repairs that can be in the thousands of dollars.

While a basic alarm will alert the end user in house, what happens if there is no one around to hear it. That’s where Wi-Fi alarms come into play. Wi-Fi alarms will alert you no matter where you are via a phone call, text, or email.

Battery backup sump pumps and alarm systems are the first line of defense against the extensive and expensive damage caused by basement flooding.

Ultimately, you want an alarm that alerts you no matter where you are, sends messages when the power goes out, and sends messages directly to your mobile device, so you can take immediate action. Here is a sampling of sump pump alarms we offer.

SJE Rhombus Xpert Alert™ Indoor Alarm System

This alarm helps protect homes from potentially costly damage due to flooding, pump failure, or freezing pipes.

When the tank level rises, the high-water float activates the alarm (audible and visual) to alert the homeowner of potentially threatening liquid level conditions.

The Xpert Alert™ also monitors low temperature conditions. When the temperature drops below 40°F (4°C), the low temperature indicator LED turns from green to red and the alarm sounds to alert the homeowner of the condition. This function can be disabled in cold climates.

In addition, the Xpert Alert™ includes auxiliary contacts for attachment of remote devices and has an automatic alarm reset. The switching mechanism operates on low voltage and is isolated from the power line to reduce the possibility of shock. The complete package includes a standard SJE MilliAmpMaster™ control switch.

The Xpert Alert™ is CSA Certified and covered by SJE Rhombus’ five-year limited warranty.

Most importantly, the Xpert Alert® indoor alarm system with Wi-Fi connectivity monitors and reports two separate alarm conditions for sump pump basins, lift pump chambers, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural and other water applications. The system monitors and reports any residential alarm condition by notifying locally (audible and visual) and remotely (SMS text message and/or email) over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even include your plumber on the list of people to receive an alert.

No cellular connection is needed (no monthly fees), but it does require the homeowner to have a reliable Wi-Fi network and connection to the internet.

Compact NEMA 1 rated indoor enclosure is designed for easy installation.

Tank Alarm and Sump Advisor from Alderon

Alderon’s VersAlarm tank alarm can be used in applications such as septic tanks, sumps, holding tanks, pump chambers, water tanks, and more. It provides immediate notification of threatening high water levels.

The VertiMAC Sump Advisor is a float operated pump switch system, typically used in sump pump applications or situations where a regular pump switch cannot operate due to limited space. A Sump Advisor sensor is attached to the top of the VertiMAC pump switch, eliminating the need to mount a separate alarm float switch. The sensor integrates high level alarm and pump run switches that are connected to the Sump Advisor alarm panel. The alarm panel has a 9-volt battery backup (customer supplied) and auxiliary dry contacts for high level alarm and pump run status that can be connected to a building automation system (BAS) or auto dialers. Available in 120VAC or 240VAC, bare lead (no plug) or piggyback plug, 13 Amp models.

PHCC Pro Series Connect Wi-Fi Module is designed for easy installation, linking the pump systems to a home Wi-Fi, security system, or home automation system. Notifications can be sent by email or a text message to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

PS-Wi-Fi module connects wireless to PHCC servers that watch over the sump pump system automatically. The servers constantly collect and analyze incoming data from the sump pump or battery backup, checking for potential issues. When an issue is detected, PS-Wi-Fi automatically sends alarm text messages.

The DFC2 and VFC2 alarms (LED, Beep) and remote notification terminals activate when: AC power is out; pump ran for 10 minutes continuously; and the 9-volt alarm backup battery is low. A flashing green light indicates the controller is active. The latest model has a plug on the bottom to allow the water sensor float (sold separately) to be plugged in to provide an instant audible, LED, and remote notification based on water level.

No matter your pumping applications or needs, you can depend on our expert staff to help choose the right solution for you. For more information, contact us at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com.