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Combination Pump and Backup Systems Offer Convenience, Consistent Quality, and Cost Efficiency

Packaged, preassembled, or combination sump pump and backup systems are cost-efficient plus offer convenience through ease of installation and the consistent quality needed to be prepared in the event of a system failure.

A packaged system (primary pump, backup pump, controller, valves, sensors, inverters, etc.) provides everything needed for the application. It’s a streamlined solution ensuring that all components work smoothly together and eliminates extra trips to the shop or supply house. Plus, all components from a single source simplifies communication when there are questions or issues.

Offering combination primary and backup sump pump systems from top industry manufacturers, JMI can match your specified primary pump in your desired configuration with the back-up system that best matches the installation parameters.

One of the highest performance systems we offer is the Metropolitan Industries Dual Pump, AC & Battery Backup System (Model PION-35ACi Deluxe and Model PION-55ACi Deluxe).

The 35ACi package includes…

  •       (2) 1/3 HP, EnergyPro pumps
  •       Ion Genesis controller and alarm system
  •       Ion digital level control switches
  •       Ion 35ACI AC/DC inverter
  •       AGM maintenance free battery

The 55ACi package includes…

  •       (2) heavy duty ½ HP, EnergyPro pumps
  •       (1) Ion Genesis controller and alarm system
  •       (2) Ion digital level control switches
  •       (1) Ion 55ACI AC/DC inverter
  •       (2) AGM maintenance free batteries

Attributes of the systems include…

  •       Fully automatic auxiliary power source.
  •       The systems run on AC or DC power.
  •       Runs the same 1/3 HP (35ACi) or 1/2 HP (55ACi) pump with power on or off.
  •       Ion Genesis controller monitors all pump activity; alternates each pump and alarm.
  •       Full digital display on inverter and controller.
  •       Digital level sensors have no moving parts.
  •       Options include the cellular/Wi-Fi capable Ion-Connect controller in place of the standard Ion Genesis controller.

Top Selling JMI Back Up System

The JMI pre-assembled options combine your preferred primary pump with our leading back-up system - Alpha. It includes the 12V DC submersible pump, switch, battery charger, and battery box and pumps up to 40 GPM @10 ft.

The advanced controller within the package automatically tests the system once a week, has a built-in high-water alarm, and will sound an alarm whenever a problem is detected. Premounted sensors give you consistent water level settings. Solid state, with no moving parts to fail, the top sensor will operate the pump and sound the alarm simultaneously. Sensors mount directly to the discharge pipe and are rated for 5 million cycles.

An optional but valuable component is the Flood ProText Wi-Fi Module, which allows the unit to send an emergency text to more than one contact whenever there is any reason alarm. It is important to note that a notification will be received not only when the backup is pumping, but also when the battery starts to get low, and when it detects other issues.

In addition, JMI can private label the package to help promote your business and brand.  And by the way – more important than everything above – you are providing peace of mind!


These products are just a couple of our offerings. JMI Pump Systems has the pump products and accessories for any pumping situation, from the simple to the complex. Let us help you find the perfect solution to your pumping needs. For “No Problem Service,” contact Your Partners in Pumping at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com.

Do You Need a Utility Pump?

Utility pumps, also known as water transfer pumps, are available in a variety of sizes, but the function of these pumps built to withstand difficult applications is the same – to move water from one location to another.

Some pumps can discharge the water whether the pump is sitting up or lying on its side, while others are designed to handle liquids up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. A fair amount of utility pumps can also run dry for an extended period without damage.

Utility pumps should not be used for pumping gasoline and fuel oil mixtures, detergents, acids, chemicals, beverages, pesticides, fertilizers, or any other flammable liquid or corrosive. If the water contains hard or soft solids, such as mud, leaves, small twigs, sand, and sludge, a trash pump is required.

When choosing a utility pump, consider:

  • Discharge capacity: Gallons per minute or the rate of speed that the water flows from the water source to the discharge point.
  • Horsepower: The higher the horsepower, the greater the gpm or the amount of pressure provided.
  • Maximum head lift: The amount of pressure required to push the liquid to the point of discharge. Note that as the distance from the water level to the point of discharge increases, pump output decreases.
  • Vertical suction lift: The vertical distance that a pump may be placed above the water level and be able to draw water.

Utility pumps can be powered in several ways. Depending on the application, you can find utility pumps that operate on DC power (for example pumping water out of a boat); AC power; fossil fuel; and hydraulics. JMI also has gas engine and diesel driven water transfer pumps available for quotes.

It is best to base your selection on how you need to use the pump. If you are transferring water from locations that are (for the most part) dry, then a non-submersible model will do. But if you need to pump water out of a pond, hot tub, or pool, select a submersible model whose motor is enclosed with watertight housing.

JMI offers utility/transfer pumps for commercial and residential applications. For more information, contact us at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com.