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Polypipe and Compression Fittings

JMI Pump Systems stocks polypipe from Polyethylene Technology Inc., based in Lakeville, Minnesota, which offers Copper Tube Size (CTS) and Iron Pipe Size (IPS) polyethylene (PE) pipe in a variety of sizes that meet NSF/ANSI Standards 14 & 61. All stacked polypipe is also certified to NSF/ANSI 372 requirements for “lead-free” plumbing.

The coil ends are heat-sealed and pressurized to ensure no leaks. Other key features include permanently indented print; color coded and bar-coded labels; and coils bundled and wrapped in poly stretch wrap.

Benefits of Polypipe

Polypipe, which is crack resistant and not affected by temperature fluctuations, has exceptional strength and endurance, impervious to abrasion wear or damage from fatigue. It also is used where there may be a possible concern over pipes corroding. It won’t rot, produce odors, or damage the taste of liquid. Lightweight and flexible, it’s ideal for hard-to-reach spots and it can stretch under pressure. In applications where there are multiple turns, you can connect the copper pipe to PE pipe to finish an installation.

Polyethylene CTS and IPS pipe, which is specific to plumbing and potable water systems, is very resistant to damage, yet extremely flexible. Suitable for industrial applications and featuring an extensive range of wall thickness options, it is manufactured with high performance PE4710 resin that provides maximum performance benefits. This higher density resin increases tensile strength, stiffness, and chemical resistance. Plus, the pipe made from this resin is heat fused on each end for a leak-free seal. Both the CTS and IPS PE pipe are available with a working pressure rating of up to 250 psi. JMI currently stocks CTS pipe in blue, while it has IPS pipe in black.

Compression Fittings

In addition to offering polypipe, JMI also stocks Philmac compression fittings from IPEX. Featuring the unique Slide and Tighten™ technique, Philmac 3G compression fittings for CTS and IPS pipes make installation simple. In addition, they offer a high integrity 230 psi rated connection and have no corrosion or lead risk, and yes, they are approved to be buried. Connections are available for CTS from ¾- to 2-inches, while connections for IPS are from ½- to 1½-inches. The connections also meet NSF/ANSI Standards 61 for cold water only use.

Also from Philmac, JMI has available Universal Transition Coupling (UTC), which again features Slide and Tighten™ technology. The UTC, CSA and NSF 61 approved for potable water use, is rated to 180 psi. It accommodates a range of different outside diameters across most pipe materials, including PVC, copper, galvanized iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel, and steel, plus UTC can be used to join two different pipe materials together.

No pipe preparation is needed and no force is required to push the pipe past the seal. This means faster and easier installation because the fitting seals on the outside of the pipe. Simply insert the pipe into the fitting until the first point of resistance is felt and then tighten the nut. The size of the fitting has been kept to a minimum, making the fitting ideal for use in confined areas.

Each fitting is pre-assembled and ready to use so there’s no need to disassemble the fittings or prepare the pipe. And what’s more, there is no need for special tools or solvent cement. Simply cut the PE pipe square and insert it into the fitting until you feel the first point of resistance and then tighten the nut to the flange. Just slide and tighten and the job’s done! Typically, only two turns are needed to tighten the nut. The body flange on the 3G® compression fitting acts as a visual stop to indicate when the nut is tightened. There is no benefit in further tightening the nut. And, YES, they can be buried.

For more information on polypipe and compression fittings, contact “Your Partners in Pumping” at 262-253-1353 or email sales@jmipumps.com.