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Szuster Ball Check Valves

JMI is the exclusive distributor of Szuster Valves in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Elbow ball check valves are primarily used in pumping stations, lift stations, and sewer systems.

Szuster system elbow check valves are made from cast iron (1¼″- 2″) or ductile iron (3″-12″). Their optimal ranges of working pressure are adapted to the pressure occurring in the sewage systems (145 PSI or 230 PSI).

The Szuster valve substitutes an elbow on the pipeline and eliminates one flange joint (the COMBI check valve eliminates two flange connections). It is located at a right angle and connects a vertical pipe with the horizontal one. Please note that the technology of ESK check valves allows using them on surface and underground installations.

The elbow check valves, type ESK or COMBI, can be mounted in horizontal and vertical drainage systems.

Compared to traditional ball check valves, Szuster Valves benefits include:

For Pumps:

  • Enables more compact construction of the pump canopy.
  • Low service time – less than 15 minutes to service.
  • Quick replacement time – customers can quickly replace the valve balls themselves without damaging the equipment.

For Pumping Stations:

  • Space saving allowing for use of a much smaller tank.
  • Quick replacement time.
  • Full opening at the velocity of 0.7 m/s providing efficiency.
  • Significant reduction of vibration for more quiet operation.

For Waterworks:

  • Full opening at the velocity of 0.7 m/s and constant local resistance coefficient.
  • Easy access to valves interior and the ball which enables: placing the cover in the so-called servicing position; inspection of the inlet pipeline (including the pump impeller) and inspection of the pressure pipeline.
  • Reduction of vibrations making the system work more quietly.

For Engineers:

  • Combined solution – a two-in-one compact solution (elbow and check valve) or even a three-in-one compact solution (elbow, check valve, and knife gate valve).
  • Fully open position and constant local resistance coefficient.
  • Reduction of vibrations.

Additional Options

Type of Check Valve

  • Version with floating ball (F) with a specific weight of approx. 49.9 lbs./ft3
  • Version with quasi ball (Q) with a specific weight of approx. 63.7 lbs./ft3
  • Version with drainage (drain plug) (D)

Examples of Application

  • Backwater protection (valve is fully opened with the velocity of 0.66 f ps)
  • Lift stations, lift stations with separation of solids, pumps with inverter
  • Pumps, dry lift stations, gravity installations with anti-reflux valves

Contact us at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com for more information about the Szuster Valve system. At JMI, we have multiple options in stock! You can count on Your Partners in Pumping for any of your pump system and accessory needs.