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Assortment of Control Panels Available from JMI

Known for offering a wide variety of pumps and pump system accessories, JMI Pump Systems expansive inventory allows us to quickly meet the needs of our customers. One such product is control panels, which are designed to operate and monitor pumps and pump systems, managing single-phase or three-phase pumps as well as simplex or duplex pump systems in all water and sewage installations. The following are examples of control panels available from “Your Partners in Pumping.”

Alderon Check It™

Available in Single-Phase Simplex and Duplex and Three-Phase Simplex and Duplex models, the Alderon products are designed for demand dose sewage applications.

The control panels include three 20’ normally open control switches with stainless steel pipe clamps. As the liquid level rises, activating the pump start or lead switch, the pump will start and continue to run until the pump stop switch is deactivated to complete the pump cycle.

During an alarm condition, the beacon will illuminate, the buzzer will annunciate, and auxiliary contacts will activate. If the alarm silence switch is toggled upward during an alarm condition, it will silence the buzzer while the alarm beacon remains illuminated. The alarm condition will reset when the high-level alarm switch deactivates, and the system will auto reset for the next alarm cycle. Auxiliary contacts are used to connect to a building automation system (BAS) or SCADA system and phone dialers for remote notification of alarm conditions.

Both the control and alarm circuits are fused to protect system wiring. With separate incoming pump and control/alarm power, the circuit board remains powered during a pump failure event causing the pump circuit to trip.

The units have Specified FLA Ranges, with a Type 1 (indoor) or Type 4X (outdoor) enclosure, with the single-phase units featuring 120VAC and 120/230VAC and the three-phase models having 208/230/460VAC.

The simplex models include control switches for pump stop, pump start, and high liquid level alarm. The circuit board includes LED indicators for control and alarm power, pump run, pump stop, pump start, and high-level alarm with a hand-off-auto (HOA) switch. This allows the user to check pump operation and see the float status with LED indicators. Terminals are included for control/alarm power, stop, start, alarm, system wiring, and auxiliary contacts.

The duplex models feature the included control switches for pump stop, pump lead, pump lag, and high liquid level alarm. If the lag/high level alarm switch is activated, the second pump will start, an alarm condition occurs, and the pump(s) will continue to run until the pump stop switch is deactivated.

The circuit board includes LED indicators for control and alarm power, pump 1 run, pump 2 run, pump stop, pump lead, pump lag, and high-level alarm with a hand-off-auto (HOA) switch for each pump. Terminals are included for control/alarm power, stop, lead, lag, alarm, system wiring, and auxiliary contacts (lag/alarm jumper wire; factory installed). These units allow the user to check pump operation and see the float status with LED indicators.

Ion Genesis Smart Controller and Sensors

A first-of-a-kind digital pump controller, the Ion Genesis is designed to operate one or two pumps, alternating or simultaneously, with combined amp draws of 12 amps. The Ion digital level sensors are used in place of standard float switches and allow for an adjustable on level from 2.5” to 72” in 0.5” increments. It incorporates smart sensing technology that utilizes critical system information such as pump amp draw, how long the pump operates, water level, and other features.

You can collect and analyze system data never before possible with the level sensor controllers. Any change or variation in system performance will sound an alarm or alert of possible equipment failure before flooding occurs. This new technology allows for adjusting the system turn on level without removing the system cover.

NEX Series® Pump Control Panels

The simplex (8 x 6 x 4″) and duplex (10 x 8 x 4”) pump control panels feature compact designs that are ideal for residential applications. The innovative internal design of components and integral mounting tabs make installation quick and simple. Plus, the universal pump voltage and control/alarm power allows the pump control panels to handle three voltages (120/208/240V).

The simplex panel is designed to control one single phase pump in water and wastewater applications, while the duplex control panel is designed to alternately control two single phase pumps in water and sewage installations, with the alternating action equalizing pump wear. Two control switches activate a power relay to turn the pump on and off. If an alarm condition occurs, an additional alarm switch activates the audible/visual alarm system. In addition to the alternating pump control, these systems provide override control should pump fail.

SJE-Rhombus Model 122 - Redesigned Single Phase Duplex Control Panel

This newly redesigned model controls two 120/208/240V single phase pumps in water and sewage installations. This panel includes an innovation duplex controller for pump control, alternation, and alarm; including float status LEDs, a control/alarm power on/off switch with LED indicator, pump run LEDs, HOA switches, a pump lead lag selector switch, auxiliary contacts, and more. In addition, there are four user selectable field programmable operations: alarm steady state or flashing; alarm auto reset; pump failure notification; and optional seal failure alarm beacon notification or beacon plus horn activation.

Available in the new NEMA 4X enclosure designed for easy installation and provides additional protection from elements. Note: Options may increase enclosure size and/or change enclosure features/component layout.

SJE Rhombus Single Phase, Simplex Grinder Pump Control Panel (Capacitor Start/Run)

The Model SGS (sewage grinder system) control panel provides a reliable means of controlling one 120/208/240V single phase pump. This panel, designed for water and sewage applications, controls pumps of 2 HP or less requiring external capacitor start and run components.

In addition, the Model SGS Build-A-Panel™ control panel provides greater flexibility by ordering through options, allowing customization of a standard panel to meet specific needs.

SJE-Rhombus Ultra Nator™ For Duplex, Plug-In-Play Sump Pump Applications

This system, designed to control two single-phase, 120V pumps, is as large as 1 hp and up to 15-amps. Featuring two receptacles to accept two 120V pump plugs for easy pump connection, no wiring is required – it is Plug-In-Play. In normal operation, the pumps will alternate based on the pump switch level. If an alarm condition occurs, the alarm indicator and horn will turn on. The pump in use will turn off and the other pump will turn on. Pumping will continue until the pump switch deactivates. This alternating action equalizes pump wear and increases the life of pumps, as well as serves as a “stand by” pump, always ready in case of pump failure (which we hope is from old age).

Three Phase, Duplex Alternating Pump Control

The Model 322 control panel is designed to control two 208/240/480VAC three phase pumps in industrial and commercial water and sewage systems. The controller is provided with a pump selector switch that can be set to alternate the pumps to equalize wear or to call either pump to activate first with the other pump to activate in lag condition. If an alarm occurs, the alarm activates the audible-visual system. The alarm conditions include high water, float out-of-sequence, pump fail-to-run, and seal failure. Common applications include lift stations, pump chambers, and irrigation systems.

As with all our pumps and pump system equipment, JMI Pump Systems’ professional staff can help you determine the correct control panel for your application. For “No Problem” service, contact Your Partners in Pumping at 262-253-1353 or sales@jmipumps.com.