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JMI Pump Systems Major Announcements

New Location and Name

As we have previously announced, we are moving into the new Germantown facility in early August. Our first official day serving our customers in the new building, W194 N11695 McCormick Drive, will be August 10.

This larger building will allow us to boost production, offer more training opportunities, accommodate an expanding staff and customer base, and elevate our in-stock supply of pumps and pump system components.

As many of you know, Jim Murray Inc. has provided excellent products and services to Wisconsin and Northern Illinois since 1958. Coinciding with the relocation to our new building, we are excited to announce that we will begin operating under a new name - JMI Pump Systems.

This represents our extensive product offering, trusted service, and our unparalleled expertise to determine the proper pump system for your application. It is our belief that the new name pays tribute to our rich history, while providing a better understanding of what we do today and well into the future.

Angela and Jim Murray created a company that set itself apart with its quality service and product reliability. Their sons, James Jr. and Joe Murray, built upon their parent’s legacy and became known as the “go to” specialist and trusted source for even the most difficult pumping situations. Today, we maintain the commitment built by our founders to provide the best products and service in the industry.

Thank you for entrusting your business to us, with some of your families having done so for over six decades. Rest assured we will continue with our commitment to “No Problem” service. Please contact me or anyone on the JMI team with questions or comments. We look forward to seeing you soon – our Partners in Pumping.

Fiberglass Basins/Tanks Have Many Benefits

Fiberglass tanks are technically fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) – that is they are plastic tanks that have been reinforced with fiberglass, similar to the way that rebar strengthens concrete.

The benefits of FRP include reliability and corrosion resistance for both above- and below-ground applications. Underground tanks are suitable for a variety of liquid materials, however, our focus at JMI is on water and sewage applications. There are additional tanks available for onsite wastewater collection and treatment systems for residential or commercial applications such as sewage, stormwater, and effluent lift stations.

One of the advantages of fiberglass tanks is that they are watertight, lightweight, durable (corrosion and abrasion resistant), and have high strength-to-weight ratios. We also offer chemical compatible vinyl ester resin based tanks.

For our fiberglass catch basins, the most popular size is the 36” x 48”, which meets many code requirements for interior garage catch basins. Pair this with our frame and grate and you have JMI’s popular “Big Easy” offering.

All of our fiberglass basins come with heavy duty anti-flotation flanges, and we stock basins with a diameter up to 48”and a depth up to 144”. Also available in stock are all respective covers (steel, PVC, structural foam, and of course fiberglass) along with all associated basin and cover accessories and components.

Fiberglass is a quality product, but performance in the field requires engineering and project expertise. JMI staff have the experience, skills, and knowledge to help you with any water or sewage application.

If you need a fiberglass tank or basin, contact the JMI team at 800-234-5490 or sales@jmipumps.com for “No Problem” Service.